Strange that a long overdue meeting with old friends should cause so much tension, but there it was. There were butterflies, sweaty palms and long sessions in front of the mirror beforehand. And, once there, half forgotten conflicts resurfaced…

“Hello Fatty.”

“Hello Moley.”

The two rivals paused, sizing each other up for their next attack.

“Not this again,” sighed Iris. “We’re supposed to be working together, remember?”

‘Fatty’ dismissed this. “It’s only our bit of fun.” But everyone knew it wasn’t.

“Did you hear what happened to Pegs?” asked Moley.



“Poor thing! And always so proud of having none too.”

“That’s what fat does to you.” This was said with a meaning look.

“Of course, there are worse disfigurements.” Another meaning look.

“Right, that’s it,” said Iris. “I’m communicating with head office.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would. Someone has to be the brains behind this operation.”

Moley shuddered. “Don’t say that word.”



“Why ever not?”

“Hysterectomy,” Moley whispered. “Sometime soon.”

“Oh dear.” Distress caused a temporary alliance.

“I know.”

“For a minute,” said Fatty, “I thought you meant they were going to whip a not so little something off.” The alliance was over. Moley bridled.

“Or suck something out?”

“Now see here…”

“I do,” interrupted Iris in a resigned voice. “I see far better than you. Head office wants a word.”

“Oh great.”

“Great indeed,” someone snapped. The ‘brains of the operation’ had arrived and was not happy. “I was busy minding my own business and trying to have a good time with my old friends, and now instead I’ve got to think about you. You should realise how unimportant and superficial you are. I can manage perfectly well with or without you, and I will even do fine without other, much bigger parts. Because I’m not defined by you. All that really matters is that I am me. The rest is just shell. Now stop bothering me with your insecurities, because I’m not going to waste anymore of my time worrying about you.”


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