Does It Matter What You Title Your Blog Posts? 

 The short answer, of course, is yes. Naturally it matters. More people will read a blog post with an interesting or eye catching title, that’s just common sense. But what makes an interesting title and is there anything else to consider? Here are some points I have noted from my own site analytics, as well as comments from fellow bloggers. 

 Firstly, people like structure. If it’s an educational blog post then they like to know exactly what they will learn. The easiest way to do that is to tell them the number of points you will be making in the title. For example, my last post was entitled 3 Essential Tools For Marketing Yourself as an Author. Now everyone knows what they’re getting. 

 What if your blog is on more personal subjects such as your own life or what you’re reading? Many bloggers go for a quirky title. Here are two I found when having a quick scroll through my followed sites just now- Wait. So Timon of Athens isn’t about a Meerkat Eating Baklava? And: It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere… oh wait, this is supposed to be a blog post, isn’t it?

 I’m sure you’ll agree, these are interesting titles! They definitely made me want to read them. But there is one more thing to consider… 

 If you want traffic on your blog to be consistent, rather than just for a few hours after publishing a new article, you’ll want to be found by search engines. But, though there’s nothing wrong with them, how many people will find a super quirky title on their google search page? Not many. 

 My most successful blog post in terms of getting people on my site through searches is entitled What To Do If Your Book Is Too Long Or Too Short. This is a common problem and quite a few sites deal with it. But the title of my blog post seems to have hit the search terms people with that problem use pretty accurately. And the more people who search and click on it, the higher up the list it goes. If you search in google what to do if your book is too long, my article comes up fourth. So try to think about what people will search for that is covered in your blog post. Starting your blog title with ‘what to do’ or ‘how to’ or ‘does it matter’ works well because that’s what people will be searching for. 

 What sort of blog title works best for you? 


13 thoughts on “Does It Matter What You Title Your Blog Posts? 

  1. Lady Bryan says:

    Hi there! I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the pingback.

    Quirky titles aren’t for everyone. When they work, they work. When they don’t, well… I’ve had plenty of stinkers when it comes to titles in the last few years that’s for certain. Effective blog titles for topical blogs, at least from what I’ve observed, are best done objectively when it’s something that isn’t on a current trend, fad, or big news event.

    Anyway, thanks again for the pingback. I’m glad the title might have given you a bit of a giggle.

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    • bewritingblog says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your thoughts. I suppose some titles are always going to work better than others no matter how much thought we put into them. I love your quirky ones though, they definitely make me smile!


  2. says:

    Thanks for posting this. Earlier this year I realized that I was shooting myself in the foot with my blog post titles. I wanted more traffic, but my blog titles were so unusual that they never popped up in search engines. I’ve switched to more mundane titles, and that seems to be helping, but I still struggle with this. Thinking of blog titles as questions to be answered rather than names is a good tip! Thanks.

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  3. nerdcactusralph says:

    Oh, hey! I’m here now, too!

    I agree with this all this. Usually, the titles of our blogs are direct. They’re the name of the book we’re pairing or the topic of the Muse. But this week’s topic–Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens–is so, well, unpopular (or at least not popular rather than maligned in any way), it became something of a joke. So since we knew they probably weren’t going to bring any traffic to the blog overall, we thought we’d make people giggle.

    Especially since Timon of Athens very much *isn’t* a meerkat eating baklava. He’s a man who slowly devolves into misanthropy and gives away all his cave gold to destroy Athens.

    Which is probably just as interesting, really.

    Anyway! Thanks for the pingback!

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