Experiences From Day 1 of Joanne Fedler’s 7 Day Writing Challenge

 As promised, I’m going to write up my experiences doing this course for you. You might want to try the exercises yourself! 

 Firstly, what is free-writing, or dream-writing as Joanne called it? Well, the idea is to set yourself a timer, which can be anything from five minutes to half an hour, and write non stop for that period of time. You cannot go back over what you’ve written or think about what you’re writing. Just write. And that means strictly to write, not type. It must be written out by hand. 
So what’s the point? Usually it’s intended to help you through a block. You write without thought and without judgement. There’s no second guessing yourself. No looking back. It’s probably rubbish, but that’s okay because you know no one else will ever see it. 

 Now, when I did this challenge I wasn’t blocked. My writing was going rather well actually. So did this exercise still have benefit? I would have to say yes. Why? 

 Joanne gave us a series of prompts to choose from to get us started. The one I chose was something like: pick three objects that describe your life. Well, that was quite easy. I wrote happily about that for five minutes. It was only afterwards that I realized, although I had followed the prompt, what I’d actually ended up writing about was a niggling little worry that had been at the back of my mind for ages. I’d written about whether I’d got my priorities in the right order. And because I’d written about it I was able to face it and sort it out. It really cleared my mind. So why not have a go and see if something similar happens to you? Here’s a couple more prompts to choose from (mine): 

The best memory I have is… 
My favourite thing to do is… 
One day I’d love too… 
I couldn’t do without… 

 See if free-writing about these tells you anything about yourself and what’s on your mind. And do let me know if you find it works! 

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