Victorian Handicrafts

 I’ve decided to do an occasional article to feature some of the things I learned about Victorian history while researching for my book. After all, why waste all the knowledge?! 

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 If you happened to be an unmarried woman in either the upper or middle class of Victorian society, life could be, well, a bit dull. You were basically supposed to sit at home until you were married. In Pride and Prejudice, which of course was written a few years before the Victorian era but still applies, Charles Bingley says that all young ladies are accomplished: “They all paint tables, cover screens and net purses.”

 I think we can take it that this was a direct result of the boredom that would inevitably overtake a clever young woman with nothing to do all day. However, handicrafts have not completely died out with the movement of women to the workplace, so clearly they do have an appeal beyond this! Personally, I like to cross stitch and I’m learning to knit. 

 A Victorian craft that many women turned to that appeals to me, was painting their own tea-sets. I’d love to give you all a tea-set to paint, but since that’s not practical here’s a link to a free downloadable coloring page, so you can at least design your own. Here’s mine:

 Ok, so I’m not the worlds best artist, but I had fun! Hope you do too.  

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