Creating An Effective Marketing Campaign

 When I first came up with the idea for this blog post it was going to be all about how I showed everyone the value in my product and why they should buy it. That is, after all, how most marketing campaigns work, right? Make the connection and then sell, sell, sell. 

 To this end I made a lot of images featuring quotes from my book to post on my social media sites. Images like this one: 

 Except that when my book actually came out I realized something. Something very important. 

 Oddly enough, my marketing campaign didn’t need to be centered around my book. The posts I made telling everyone how great it was didn’t get that much response (I know, weird). 

 Without exception, the people who have so far bought my book are the people who have seen some value in my content. They enjoy my bookstagram pictures, my inspirational quotes, my blog posts like this one. They didn’t need to know anything much about my book, beyond the fact that it was available. Because they already knew that they enjoy what I create. 

 So now I’ve come to the conclusion that authors don’t need to market their books. They need to market themselves. And they need to do that by creating content of value. 

 Finally let me share a piece of advice I received from fellow newly published author Nadia L King. When I told her I was worried that no one would buy Victoria’s Victorian Victory she said not to worry about sales. Just to focus on my author platform. And she was totally right. The sales follow. 


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