Creating Images for Social Media

Nearly all social media marketers tell us of the importance of using eye-catching images. How can we do it? Personally, I like to use Adobe Spark, but there are other apps out there that do the same thing, such as Word Swag. Once you’ve chosen and downloaded your app though, what are you going to use it for? Here are some ideas that I’ve found to be successful: 

1) Publicise a blog post. 

I usually create two images for each blog post. The first usually just consists of the title, such as this one: 

I post something like this on my social media as an announcement that a new article is available.  

The next day, I’ll often post another image, this time featuring a quote or excerpt from the article, like this one: 

This image received 125 likes on Instagram. 

I saw an instant increase of traffic to my blog using the above method. 

2) Advertise an event. 

Several times over the course of each month, I need to let people know about upcoming events or releases. For example, when my next newsletter is nearly ready to go out, I’ll let people know what it will include with an image like this: 

I’m still building my mailing list and this sort of thing really helps. 

3) Showcase your work. 

 Why not create some images with excerpts from your book? This picture I made was particularly successful, with 120 likes on Instagram: 

(I post all my pictures to Twitter as well. Adobe Spark has a great feature where you can resize your design for a particular social media outlet.) 

As always, I hope you find this article helpful in the marketing of your book. 


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