Quote of Day Three

 This is a bit of a cheat quote as I wrote it! It’s from my upcoming novel, Victoria’s Victorian Victory. To me, it’s the single most important quote in the entire book. Victoria challenges the conventions in her time for girls/women in business. 

 We might assume that the Victorian view of girls is no longer relevant. Actually, looking under the surface, very little has changed! I know for myself, a young woman working as a window cleaner (usually considered a man’s job) I have had to put up with all sorts of patronising comments. If I’m working with my husband some people will make comments about his ‘assistant.’ Clients almost always address themselves to him as the boss. Actually we are partners, I’ve been window cleaning longer than him, and I’m the one who handles all the paperwork. But because I’m a woman, I’m the assistant. 
 I know this isn’t just me. Many women in all kinds of employment face the same sort of thing. So I hope Victoria’s Victorian Victory will encourage girls to succeed in business, believe in themselves, and challenge the still conventional view of women in the workplace. 

 Please join in the Three Days, Three quotes challenge if you wish. Details can be found in my first days blog post. Thank you again to Denise at English Lit Geek for nominating me, I’ve loved doing it! 


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