Writing To Be Heard


I have a problem with speaking far too quietly. Especially if I’m tired. I think it has to do with being an introvert. I’m often unsure of myself when talking. I know what I want to say, but that’s no guarantee it will come out right or be received as I expect. And when I’m tired it’s almost certain not to come out how it’s supposed to. 
 By about the third time of being asked to repeat myself, I’m cottoning on that I may need to raise my voice a bit. But the pressure of knowing I have to speak loudly makes my throat constrict and volume is impossible. It’s a losing battle and I usually retire defeated. Unless I drink rather a lot of alcohol. Then I get too loud. 
 Please tell me this isn’t just me? 
 The beautiful thing about writing is if it comes out wrong the first time, you can redo it. No one has to see it until it’s as right as you can make it. When I’m writing I can relax and express myself fully. I’m in control. And I don’t have to be around when other people read it. 


5 thoughts on “Writing To Be Heard

  1. Nadia L King says:

    Well said Abi. I tend to run the other way and talk too much and it’s too late when the words are out, you can’t take them back like you can use the backspace key.

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