I’m so happy to announce that my flash fiction story, Waiting, will be published by The Flash Fiction Press on October 2nd! Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again nearer the time and provide a link, but for now I thought it might be nice for you to know a little of the background behind the story. 
It started when my twin sister, who works in the care industry, found one of her clients, an old lady, dead in her home. She had to wait for an ambulance to arrive, which got me thinking of what that would be like. My sister just went outside, but I wouldn’t have. I’d have had a little look around. Not in a nosy way, just a vicariously nostalgic one. I interrogated my sister closely, then wrote Waiting. Though I hasten to add that the woman in the story is not based on my sister in any other way! 
Waiting’s first outing was to the William Soutar Writing Prize, which allows two entries. Months later, I was informed that my second entry had received a commendation. Waiting, it seemed, had nothing, so I was free to send it out again. 
I sent it first to Smokelong, a reasonably well know flash fiction magazine. They rejected it. By then I’d started to wonder if it was any good. You do, don’t you? But I sent it out again and this time it was accepted! I’ll let you draw your own lesson from that. For me, it was Never Give Up. Keep sending your work out. Someone will love it. 


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